A private caterer with over 25 years experience
of providing delicious food for all occasions


  • Meringue roll studded with almonds and filled with raspberries and cream.
  • Crème bruleé with seasonal fruits
  • Tiramisu, with layers of sponge, soaked in brandy and coffee, and mascarpone cheese
  • Warm apple tart with a spicy filling and buttery nut top
  • Chocolate truffle torte. Layers of hazelnut meringue, with a rich chocolate truffle mixture in between
  • Brandy snap baskets with lemon mousse or assorted sorbets and ice-creams
  • Treacle tart
  • Individual sticky toffee puddings with toffee sauce
  • Individual summer puddings with raspberry coulis
  • Individual assorted fruit tartlets, with a shortbread base, crème patisserie, and glazed with apricot reduction
  • Bruléed lemon tart